Here We Go Again

You’ve probably seen the news that the monkeypox virus is causing all kinds of problems across our country. However, the reality is that this virus is occurring mostly in men (98%) and in lesbian, gay, transgender communities in San Francisco and Los Angeles (95%). When this was pointed out to California State Governor Gavin Newsom, he shrugged off the majority of our state’s population by saying we shouldn’t stigmatize the LGBTQ community. His solution? A State of Emergency across all of California.  

San Diego

Additionally, San Diego’s Board of Supervisors chair Nathan Fletcher (who will do whatever Gavin Newsom says regardless of its impact on San Diegans ) has followed suit by calling a Public Health Emergency in San Diego County. In a county of over three million people, forty-six people have gone to the hospital with Monkeypox. This hardly sounds like an emergency to me. This begs the question … why?

The Reality of Monkeypox

Newsom's Second State of Emergency: Monkeypox

Here we go again. The vaccines.  Here we go again. A virus. Newsom wants total control over Californians because of a virus that doesn’t have incredibly harmful effects. Thus far, there have been zero deaths from this virus. The side effects include a rash and flu-like symptoms. So why a State of Emergency? If this virus is as serious as Newsom says it is, why isn’t he putting all the available resources into the very communities that need attention, namely the LGBTQ communities where this is clearly coming from? Instead, Newsom is using this micro issue as a way to exercise macro control over Californians. He hides behind the claim that declaring a state of emergency will “help produce vaccines quicker.” Here we go again, more vaccines… could we be seeing another vaccine mandate for the Monkeypox virus? I certainly wouldn’t be surprised, this is the road he’s on. And, who is in his pocket? Big Pharma. Why not? of course, the Covid vaccines are fading. Less and less people are getting the jab, especially after actual scientific reports show their complete lack of effectiveness and that they actually cause way more harm than good. 

Monkeypox Virus Vaccine

The reality is that in a state of emergency, he can make up his own laws and completely ignore our legislature, implementing new laws for his own political benefit and not for the benefit of Californians. His agenda that, by the way,  has nothing to do with the communities in need of medical attention. It’s plain to see Newsom’s true intent. Let’s not forget how seriously he took his own COVID mandates.

If 95% of Monkeypox patients were from church-goers, I guarantee we’d have Cease and Desist notices on our windows as we saw during the Corona Virus. 

What do we do?

I want to give you some encouragement. Don’t believe the lie. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Stay rooted in truth. You’ll never go wrong by staying close to the Word of God. We know what Newsom is doing as he positions himself to run for President of the United States, despite the fact that multiple entities are currently suing him for his last power grab. Newsom’s so-called “effort” not to stigmatize the LBGTQ community conveniently creates a stigma against anyone that does not comply with the Monkeypox vaccine. He’s partnered with Big Pharma and the far left radical agenda. Newsom is relentless in his pursuit of creating issues in one hand so that he can wave a so-called solution in the other. Meanwhile, we see right through the entire magic act.  Here at Skyline Church, we’re relentless in teaching the truth and relevance of Scripture. 

We can not acquiesce to the nonsense. You can’t trust what comes out of Gavin Newsom’s mouth. But you CAN trust what comes out of the mouth of God. 

Don’t believe the lie, folks. Stand up. Stand out. And fight back.