Weaknesses That Bite

If you ever watch the Discovery channel during Shark Week, you’ll quickly learn why it’s one of Discovery’s most popular programs! Sharks are anything but weak creatures. A great white shark can weigh up to 6,600 pounds! That’s the equivalent of two Ford Taurus cars. And did you know that sharks can smell fear from a third of a mile away?! Okay  they can’t smell fear, but they can smell blood! Don’t be swimming in their waters with cut skin.

Great whites, specifically, are predators. They’re constantly lurking for food. They hunt with purpose and strategy. They’ll intentionally dive into a pack of seals to try and separate one from the group, making the lone seal a perfect target. The same is true for Satan. The enemy is a predator in your life and he’s intentional about trying to divide you from the pack. Satan wants to keep you from going to church, participating in Bible studies, interacting with other Christians, and stop you from growing in your faith.

So what do we do when we live in a world where predators like Satan exist?

Thankfully, we have a way out! God’s Word tells us EXACTLY how to escape and even combat the weaknesses that bite. A weakness is anything that keeps us from being whom God created us to be. Romans 8:29 describes our purpose as being conformed to the image of Jesus. Satan may be lurking, but Isaiah 30:18 tells us that “the Lord still waits for you to come to Him so He can show you His love.” No matter how far you’ve walked away from God, no matter how messy your life is, or how dark your past has been, no one is too messed up to be saved by God.

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It’s one thing to know that we need to get out of dangerous waters and another thing to actually get out of those waters.

That’s why I recently wrote a book that specifically speaks to the common weaknesses that sneak up and bite us! This book is a guide to help you recognize the weaknesses we can easily fall prey to if we aren’t ready for an attack. And, it speaks to what the Bible has to say about overcoming these infirmities! Many people think that because of the way they’ve lived life that God is no longer an option for them and they have to figure it out on their own. Fortunately, Ecclesiastes 1:9 reminds us that every issue we deal with can be approached through the Word of God because there’s nothing new under the sun. The Bible isn’t just a self-help book that sometimes works. It has the answer to EVERY problem that has come up since the beginning of time.

Shark Weak

Shark Weak: Weaknesses That Bite started out as a six-week sermon series at my church in East County San Diego, to provide highly practical Bible application. Skyline Church had such an incredible response to this series that I knew I wanted to make this content available to more people. People shared specific challenges that they were able to overcome AND how they overcame them. While my sermons were available on YouTube, I knew that the practicality of the content needed to become more readily available in our community. I want every person who reads this book to experience a personal impact AND God’s purpose for their life. I was intentional about making my book, Shark Weak, as pragmatic as the sermons by concluding every chapter with practical applications, questions, a journal prompt, and even action steps. If you’re ready to escape shark-infested waters and step onto a solid foundation, “Shark Weak” will give you the tools you need to enjoy God’s plan for your life!