So we’re doing the FARM thing… or at least trying and so far enjoying the FARM thing. We added chickens recently and yesterday we added PYGMY GOATS. The kids are loving them. I’m not too sure how it’ll end up. I think their eyes are kinda creepy. But, they are pretty cool creatures so far. And, we do have a lot of weeds they could eat. Getting Chickens makes sense to me. They will produce eggs which we will eat. So, there are clear benefits to Chickens. Pygmy Goats on the other hand? I don’t do goat milk and don’t know if Pygmy

This is Rocky

Goats get milked.. although I know Greg Focker once said, “You can milk anything with nipples.” So, I assume a pygmy can be milked but I’m not drinking it!

Now, we also have two dogs, a rabbit and a guinea pig. It’s growing, the farm is growing.  Riley and Aidan really love their animals and getting up early to take care of them…so far… I pray it lasts. 🙂

Chillin on the McFarm

Chillin’ on the McFarm