I love challenges. I’m a learner and not afraid to fail. I believe I will learn something from my failures. Truly, it’s not a total failure if you learn something. It’s only a temporary setback.

In Mark 4 Jesus led the disciples right into a storm. The thing is He had said, “We’re going to the other side.” The disciples should have been confident they were going to get there. Instead they freaked out when, halfway through the journey, the storm came.

I’m done freaking out about storms. The personal storms, the ministry storms, the emotional storms, the financial storms. Jesus promises, “We’re going to get to the other side.” I can be confident of that because storms are always temporary. But more importantly, the one over the storm is in my boat.

We now have one church in two locations. We have twice as many people as one year ago, we have twice as many issues, twice as many storms and twice as much joy, thrill and potential. I am in the middle of a great challenge I am learning every day how to be a better pastor, leader, mentor, and disciple. But, there’s one thing I am confident of: We will get to the other side.