We just returned from the mountains of Forest Home and once again had an incredible time.

God seems to meet us there on that mountain. I know He meets us in the valley too but it seems we can hear Him more clearly. It’s probably the lack of distractions, the calm peaceful setting, the snow and the raging fire in the fireplace.

We’ve been coming to Forest Home for various retreats since 1999. The past two years we’ve been blessed by Forest Home and used their free two night Pastor’s Cabin.

The kids love it too. They play in the snow, we hike, sled and adventure together. The pictures say it all.

During our stay I decided to have Riley shoot a video of me talking about snow and how it is an illustration of purity and how God cleanses us and makes us “white as snow”…a very serious moment…except our little comedian Aidan had plans of his own for this video shoot.