Charger pre-season officially began on Saturday with a thrashing of the Dallas Cowboys. I know it’s only pre-season but if we’re keeping score I want to win and it was nice to get off to a great start. There are high expectations for the Bolts this year and we’re hoping for a Super Bowl.

Whenever the Bolts play out of town/East the game begins at 10:00am here in San Diego…on Sunday…same time as church…Oh thank Heaven for the DVR!!! For all you Raider fans, there is hope this year, as in right now, because the season has yet to begin! Although I will say I think Darren McFadden is going to help out tremendously. He is an amazing rookie running back. If he’s not injured you will win some games riding on his legs alone. It’s a great time of year, every team has a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl even the Haiders.