Riley and I have a tradition that started three years ago when we made the drive from Apple Valley to the Padres game on opening weekend and the game was rained out. However, we did get a rain check and later watched the Rockies play the Padres. Last year we made it to the home opener vs. the Giants and saw the Padres shut out the boys from NoCal. This time Riley and Daddy had field level seats, got there early, loaded up on Cracker Jacks, Friar dogs, Cokes and those foam finger things and had a blast. And, once again the Padres were victorious by the count of 4-0.

There’s nothing like opening day. For baseball players and fans there is an excitement in the air that is unsurpassed the rest of the year until the playoffs. I don’t know if it has to do with Spring and the renewal of things but when baseball season rolls around there is a feeling I get that I just can’t put into words. The baseball bug gets me every time.

I guess that’s why I’m coaching baseball again here in San Diego. I have been asked by Olympian High School to help out with their brand new baseball program. I’m a bit overly excited to do it. Being on the field again is like an addict getting his fix and when the game’s over I’m wanting more…so I’ve got to be careful. I’ve always thought the reason I wouldn’t coach is because I’m too darn passionate about the game and I would get too fired up and lose my testimony over balls and strikes. But, as I’ve gotten older..err…more mature I’m able to steer that passion towards helping the kids get better.

We have a very young team at Olympian. It’s a brand new school so we don’t even have a senior class yet. As a matter of fact we play three freshman on varsity. But, I guess it fits right in to my life right now, building a team from scratch. Whether it’s helping build a baseball team or a new church the concept is still the same, there is no “i” in T.E.A.M. Because Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. and Teamwork makes the dreamwork…I’ve got a ton of ’em… 🙂 I’ll be pullin’ some out of the vault for some pre-game Yogi Berra talks.

To find out how our High School team is doing you can log on to keyword Olympian Eagles.

And, last night the Padres won again…2-0, can anyone say 162-0??? an undefeated season… ok, I’m excited…