Just finished up at Seven SD. Palm Sunday went awesome and we dedicated three little ones to the Lord, a very exciting morning. It feels like we’re really hitting our stride and finding our groove. I’m very excited about next week and our Easter service. We are blanketing the community with 20,000 mailers that look like this and we are on the radio here in SD at 103.7 FM Sophie Radio. We will be hanging 1,000 door hangers and letting people know we are doing a Community Easter Egg Hunt/Block Party/Sports Day on Saturday March 22. We understand some people would find that word on our mailer offensive. We recognize that. We also recognize our target and we are clear on who we are trying to reach. Our goal is not to offend people but realize we will in the process of reaching those God wants us to reach…namely, those far from the Lord who use that word in everyday vernacular and is not considered odd or offensive to use such a word but rather is considered part of today’s non-offensive language. We’ve already had lots of discussion with people here in SD, feel free to drop some comments here on the blog.

Props to the team here as everyone had things set and ready by 8:30am this morning, wow, just an hour and a half and the entire Nursery, Pre-K, K-6, Hospitality(Starbuck’s lattes, etc.), Audio, Video, Resource tables, Signs on street corners and in parking lots, etc. all done and we all hung out had cappucinos, donuts and fruit and waited for our guests. What at team! We know as we grow we will need more and more team members. Sign up and join the team!