That’s the new digs. 18103 Santa Alicia, Otay Ranch in San Diego, CA. We did it. We are in…albeit a bit differently then we had in mind. But, Camden Sierra apartments,
2b, 2b and 1,000 sq. ft. (almost) of living luxury await me daily, you can barely smell the cigarettes from the people who lived there before us…not really, I think it’s wet dog smell. Nevertheless, nothing a few Pier 1 candles (just across the street from our offices) can’t suppress.

We love it already. God has taken us down a crazy road, but whoa! what a ride.

Now, we are also moving our location for our church. Just up the street from Olympian High School at the AMC movie theaters..very exciting. Check out our Seven blog for more info…

Got to go, time to unpack all the boxes at 18103.